Fuck You and your Autistic Kid…

Ok Ok Ok maybe not your kid cause they did not choose to be born that way but a definite FUCK YOU to the parents who use that as an excuse to let their child run wild.

Ok look I understand autism.

Really I do. A friends kid has autism so I understand the struggle. I understand the struggle they have with social skills communication and behaviour. I’m not trying to disrespect the child/person or parents who struggle every day.

My problem is with parents who think that their child can do whatever they like and say ” my child has autism” and that takes care of everything

Case in point today I’m with my five-year-old Daughter in the mall in a children’s store letting her pick out clothes for summer. She’s at the age where she wants to pick her clothes and do what she calls “girlie things”. So I take her and say pick whatever you want. Do I agree with some of her choices? Hell no but it’s cool. She likes it and that’s what matters.

While in this store some kid runs up to her and is obviously drawn in by my Daughters cat ear headband so this kid starts nicely stroking my kid’s hair. Mind you not hard or rough but extremely nice and actually cooing while she does it. This all happens in seconds so I’m shocked like what the fuck is going on? I actually thought it was one of her “big sisters” from her school. ( The kindergarten kids have big brothers and sisters from the sixth grade who “mentor” them and help them get used to school)  So again matter of seconds and I hear from across the store someone yell “STOP TOUCHING PEOPLE” and automatically the kid stops and runs away. I turn and her I assume Mother walks up and not politely or respectfully just bluntly says…..”don’t worry she not right in the head”.

Uh ok

I say and what’s that got to do with me or her touching my kid?

“She has Autism ok so whats the problem?”

She actually said that like she wanted a problem.

Mind you I never have an issue engaging with anyone be it verbal or physical but at that moment in the beginning of rage bubbling to the front of my mind I looked at my Daughter and she was obviously a bit freaked out and I didn’t want to have her more freaked or scared while Daddy goes on a tirade.

I walked away.

The store clerk who witnesses this from afar came up to us and asked if we were ok.

I said yes and purchased my kid’s stuff and we left.

My Daughter was not the same afterwards. I had to sit her down and explain to her best I could why the kid did what she did and the issues she struggles with.

It wasn’t easy cause my kid as I said earlier is only five.

She nodded and said it’s ok and eventually she forgot it and we enjoyed the rest of our day.

Now my problem is the fucking mother. You could apologise and in a respectful manner explain why she did what she did and more importantly say it to my kid. She could have not said her kid “wasn’t right in the head”. She could do more but no she wanted an attitude.

Now, what if her kid pulled my kid’s hair or hit her?

After I smack the living shit outta her kid and pull my always with me blackjack and crack her mom and dad or whoever over the head I’m a go to jail. My kids going to be traumatized and a lot of shit will go down because she can’t control her fucking kid. But saying “she has autism” is suppose to make everything better?


I don’t give a good god damn if you kid has autism. Nor do I care if they have a handicap of if they have any other afflictions. That is not my fucking problem. My fucking problem is to make sure my kids becomes a good productive person and grows up with morals and respect. Your problem is to keep your fucking kids in check as well.

I am done with all you fucking parents who use your kid’s problems as excuses for their behaviour. I am tired of you fucks thinking we all have to understand and accept your problem. I got problems too. I got a mother with dementia who tried to break into someone’s house. I do not expect them to understand and you know what they didn’t. They called the police and had her arrested. I have a mentally challenged cousin who was hit by a car and the guy who hit him argued in court that why was the kid unsupervised and he got away with it.

Your problems are not our problems. Stop thinking we have to accept it cause you have a hard time. Control your fucking kid cause I promise you the next time the Father might not think rationally and your kid and your mouth will not like it.

Shit, I’m glad my Brother wasn’t there cause I wouldn’t be able to stop him.

That motherfucker is crazy and over protective of my kid.



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