Ok so what now…

This is the question. What Now?

I am not what you call a social person. While it’s true I do like to socialize on an occasion it’s not something that “speaks” to me.  I am very happy alone.

I am very happy alone.

I am not, though. I have a wife of over ten years and a beautiful five-year-old girl.

I just purchased a house…..well I borrowed money from the bank to buy it so technically it’s the banks’ house…..and I am up to my ears in debt.

So now what?

I have done everything that is required from me as an adult.

School? Check

Crazy 20’s? Check

Marriage? Check

Kid? Check

House? Check

Now what?

Truth be told I’m tired as fuck.

I would live to just get a couple of eight balls, a bottle of Jack, a carton of smokes, an ounce of weed and a woman with low morals and lock myself in a motel for a weekend.

Yeah sounds childish and selfish…..but isn’t that what we still are?




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