obnoxious people

There are many obnoxious people in our everyday life.

Shit, there may be times we ourselves are obnoxious and not even realize it.

This rant is about an obnoxious woman who for all intent purposes deserved my verbal whipping.

I was at a restaurant today with the wife and my daughter.

We waited because it was a family-friendly restaurant and when we sat we waited again till the waiter was available as normal people do. Especially this being one of those annoying kid friendly restaurants you HAVE TO be prepared to wait.

Now that I got that out of the way on to the dumb bitch at hand.

We are placing our order and this obnoxious woman with her equally obnoxious loud kid keeps looking at us, the waiter, her watch and doing what in so childish which is huffing and puffing and under her breath saying “come on already”.

Now mind you we were not being that family that asks a million questions like ‘ where did this spinach originate from?’

That’s not us we are just ordering normally but she continues to be annoying.  At one point my wife is ordering and she’s staring at me and when we catch eyes she actually shakes her head and mumbles something to herself.

Now, normally I’m good to initiate a dialogue or argument when I feel that someone is being rude but when I’m with my kid I do my best to ignore and not respond.

So after we finish this woman literally grabs our waiter by the arm pulls him towards her and loudly cause now she has some courage says “FINALLY….I’M IN A RUSH AND I DON’T HAVE TIME FOR THIS!”

Ok, now I gotta say something……

“Is there a fucking problem cause if you are late that’s not my problem but if you look over here or say something else I have no problem going over there and smacking the shit outta you. Do not think the confines of a restaurant will save your rude ass.”

That stopped her mid sentence and I know she wanted to turn around but she didn’t.

The table to my left looked.

The waiter looked.

But she damn sure didn’t.

So now it’s over. I’m not thinking about her but during our meal, the obnoxious kid screams “DAD”.

Ok, so she must have called her husband.

No problem to me unless he wants to take it there.

So the Dad walks up to their table and she starts to talk to him the very low voice.

He turns and looks at me.

He turns around and says something to her.

She asks for the check

They all leave without even looking in my general direction.

Now am I a tough guy?

HELL NO!!!!!

I am the type to quote Mr. White….”If I gotta get through that door and you blocking that door one way or another I’m getting through that door”….so chalk it up to growing up in the hood.

Now, why am I ranting?

People need to know that they are not safe in this world. At any given moment a stupid attitude from you over something so tedious could actually set someone off who normally wouldn’t react like a savage but your obnoxious attitude was the last straw.

Look we all get upset. We all have the idiotic “me,me,me,”  mentality at times.

All I’m saying is pick and choose. Being a cunt bitch c could have gotten you smacked and your husband’s ass kicked.

And for what?  Because you are running late?







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