Electrical Blackout in Puerto Rico…ALL of Puerto Rico

This is unacceptable. Million in aid to foreign country over 150 million just recently to Syria YET Puerto Rico is in shambles.
Shame on America. Remember what goes around comes around there will be a reckoning.


“The entire island is without power,” said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico’s fire department.

The entire island of Puerto Rico was left without electrical power yesterday (Wednesday, Sept. 21) due to a fire at the Aguirre electrical plant. This caused a chain reaction throughout the island…water service shut down, highways jammed, train service was canceled, and 15 more fires ignited across Puerto Rico, as a result of malfunctioning electric generators.

Fires broke out in the Condado Vanderbilt Hotel, and the mayor’s office in Cataño.

Government offices, universities and businesses closed early, which created even more chaos on the roads and highways. A policeman trying to direct traffic was run over, and taken to the hospital.

Colapso total del sistema de la AEE en Puerto Rico (A complete collapse of the electrical and energy system of Puerto Rico) was the headlinein the island’s largest newspaper, El Nuevo Dia.


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