Puerto Rico under King George Pataki: more jails and less jobs for the entire island

wow…..just wow!


Book - 12-10

Within one week…by September 1…Pres. Obama will announce the members of the Financial Control Board. The most alarming candidate for this Board is the recumbent ex-governor of New York, George Pataki.

I know a great deal about Pataki’s politics, because I was a New York State Assemblyman during his first two terms as governor. I saw how he operates.

He will rule over Puerto Rico like an intemperate king.


Created by New York in 1894 for dealing with war, plague, catastrophe, and other emergencies, the governor’s “Message of Necessity” is currently used to ram bills through the New York state legislature – particularly those that require public funds.

When the governor of New York attaches a so-called “message” to one of his bills, the constitutional 72-hour reading period is suspended. Legislators have only one or two hoursto vote for the bill – with…

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