Uhhhhh what?

So here I am taking my kid who has been sick these last few days to Build a Bear to buy her a bear because after having 103 fever she took it and being sick like a champ so I felt she deserved a gift.

So why did the fucking bitch at the store knowing we were there for only a Pony and some clothes talk to my kid and try to convince her that her new Pony needed a friend?

Well she has others at home because I have brought them at the same store over the course of two years.

So I say “no you have other and don’t need more because they might get jealous” you know trying to get her off that thinking.

What does the bitch at the store do? Ask which ones she has and then say “well you don’t have Apple Jack don’t you think you need her for your collection?”

At that point I got upset and nicely told her that we only want the one. I think she saw I was visibly upset by her trying to add on and play with my love and affection for my kid.

Why am I writing this? Who knows….I guess to vent. I am truly pissed off about it though.

Fucking Build A Bear…….


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