First Post First Rant…….

…..and here we go.

Why call it Dadsmadormaybejustinsane? Well I was at one time close to being institutionalize because some claimed I was a tad bit insane but I was not. Like every other young person I was just angry and had no problem of ranting, babbling and all around rambling my thoughts be they G rated or twisted. I had no filter. I still have those urges but as the father of a daughter I must learn to curb my opinions but as anyone who is a parent can attest this is one of the weirdest times and you have to by default meet new people who are ……well different and I just want to mass murder the whole lot of them. Now am I just angry and mad……probably but since insanity does run in the family predominately my mothers side I wonder if I’m just insane?

This post will be musing on that subject and a whole host of rants about everyday shit that happens.

Should be interesting…..FUCK I just realized this is the 21st centuries version of a diary…….Dammit man!


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